The objective of the Data Stewardship Committee is to support the implementation of I2D2 and create a culture of data use between departments in service of the I2D2 mission. This committee evolved from the original Integrated Data System Taskforce that developed I2D2 mission, principles, and governing structure. Members of this committee are recommended by the Governing Board to serve the role of “chief decision makers” for the use of I2D2, acting upon the recommendations of the I2D2 Resource Hub and Advisory Groups. The Data Stewardship Committee also ensures the operationalization and communication of findings in collaboration with data requestors and the I2D2 Resource Hub.
Data Stewardship committee meets bi-monthly to discuss I2D2 policies and procedures, review and vote on project proposals, and consider findings from approved projects. Data Stewardship Committee members are positioned to consider and resolve internal and external policy issues that surface as the integrated data system develops, and ensure the integrated data system reflects the overall objectives of the various state agencies and partners.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Data Stewardship Committee:

  • Understand the Governing Board priorities for the use of I2D2, including the ECI Strategic Plan and the role of the integrated data system in supporting the ECI mission

  • Understand specific Department priorities and needs as they relate to discussions about I2D2 priorities and proposed uses

  • Support the implementation of I2D2 procedures and policies regarding data sharing and use in the service of the ECI mission

  • Champion the system within the department and with external stakeholders to facilitate sustainability, including executing strategic communication plans about the I2D2 mission, vision, purpose, and ongoing projects

  • Adopt and communicate data governance policies, as needed, to ensure data integrity and usability

  • Adopt and implement misconduct procedures in collaboration with the IDRC and under the authority of the Governing Board

  • Provide recommendations to the IDRC regarding potential experts for Scientific Reviewers or Data Team members who will be designated to provide review and input on datasets and proposed project uses prior to a DSC vote

  • Review and vote on proposed I2D2 projects, including the solicitation of input from additional relevant departmental stakeholders as needed

  • Commission Community Advisory Groups to participate in the I2D2 inquiry processes

  • Review project findings and provide recommendations for stakeholder communication plans, policy or program improvements, and/or future analytics

committee Membership

Amanda Winslow

Iowa Department of Management Early Childhood Iowa System Facilitator

The vision of Early Childhood Iowa is for, “Every child, beginning at birth, will be healthy and successful.” Through our state, local, and university partnerships our vision is achievable in a data-informed approach. I2D2 will strengthen our system to understand service gaps, needs, and areas of successful service reach and delivery across our state.


Iowa Department of Public Health Bureau Chief, Bureau of Family Health, Title V Maternal and Child Health Director

Being able to see the potential impacts of other systems that interact with the families we serve is critical to develop systems of care for families of Iowa's children. 

Jay Pennington

Iowa Deparment of Education Bureau Chief, Bureau of Information and Analysis Services

An early childhood integrated data system is a must have for any state that is forward thinking about how to use data to generate information that best informs programmatic and policy priorities. The key to this success is to legally, appropriately, securely share, integrate, and analyze data that can be used by public sector agencies and be disseminated more broadly to key stakeholders.

Shanell Wagler

Department of Management Administrator of Early Childhood Iowa

 I have a vision of Iowa continuing to invest in and support stronger and more impactful early childhood programs and services through utilization of I2D2.  The data will inform our system to make better decisions with government funds and ultimately support our youngest children and their families.  

Monica garner

Department of Education Iowa Head Start Collaboration Coordinator

Coming Soon

Ryan Page

Department of Human Services Child Care Regulatory Program Manager

I am involved in the taskforce because I believe in data driven decision-making that can improve outcomes for children and families in our community

Kelsey Feller

Iowa Department of Public Health Data Sharing Coordinator

Because I value the protection and responsible governance of data while also ensuring it can be used to improve the health and well-being of Iowans.

Wendy Greenman

IOWA Workforce Development Bureau Chief WIOA Title I | Trade

I serve on the ECI State Board as the director's designee for Iowa Workforce Development (IWD).  The work of I2D2 is necessary and needed to drive the work of the board.  

Donna Burkett

Workforce Development Bureau Chief, labor market information division

Children differ in numerous ways from adults. An early childhood collective data system can be used to effectively evaluate issues faced by children such as effectiveness of services, limitations, access, outcomes and needs.



In 2016, the ECI State Board commissioned a Taskforce to develop a plan for building an early childhood integrated data system. This Taskforce was comprised of members of ECI’s Results Accountability workgroup, as well as other identified representatives of state departments with expertise in data integration and strategic planning. The charge of the group was to seek national consultation and funding to develop and implement an integrated data system. The Integrated Data System Taskforce was in place with all original members from 2016 through 2019, when the official I2D2 Data Stewardship Committee was commissioned to take over implementation of the system. 

The Integrated Data System Taskforce Updates