The vision of I2D2 is that Iowa’s early childhood system will be effectively and efficiently coordinated among health, social service, and education agencies to support healthy and successful families. This work will be informed by actionable intelligence derived from a statewide integrated data system that comprehensively identifies and addresses the needs of Iowa’s young children and their families.

Priority areas for I2D2 analytics are informed by the mission and vision of Early Childhood Iowa to ensure all children start school ready to learn and with the experiences and supports they need to be successful from childhood through adulthood. Specific foci are driven by the priorities of the Governing Board and renewed and revisited over time to ensure we are responsive to changing needs of Iowa children and Families.

Priorities continue to be informed by the “We are ECI Strategic Plan”.

They encompass questions like:

  • Are children who need it accessing high-quality preschool experiences?

  • What are the multiple experiences of children from birth to age 5 before they enter elementary school; and how do these experiences relate to school readiness or early school achievement gaps?

  • How are our systems supporting families during the pandemic, and do families have the resources they need to get and stay connected?

  • How do we address our child care crisis? What are our workforce capacity gaps and needs?

  • Are our home visiting programs reaching families that need it the most? Where are there opportunities to engage in outreach or program improvement to better meet their needs?