Slide Supporting Intelligent Decision-Making for Iowa

Transforming data into actionable intelligence

State Priority
Addresses state priority issues

I2D2’s governance approach ensures that all data-driven inquiries are informing priority issues to improve system coordination and effectiveness for Iowa children and families.

Promotes data-informed decisions

Our project cycles include decision-makers in the development of questions and interpretation of findings to facilitate the translation of data into decision-making


Fill in Gaps
Identifies gaps in current public service system networks

Projects are developed to answer important questions about how our systems are working, and when or where young children and their families are not accessing the services they need.

Cross Systems
Enhances cross-system programming efforts

Findings are discussed in strategic stakeholder communication networks to ensure we are talking with leadership poised to make decisions and improve coordination among our systems.

Cycles of Inquiry
Supports cycles of inquiry

I2D2 was designed with long-term vision where relevant questions are answered through data-dialogue-decision-making loops that allow continued evaluation of our efforts. Our sustainable infrastructure and committed partnerships ensure these cycles work to improve Iowa’s systems for children and families.

Who We Are

I2D2 is a diverse system of stakeholders who share a common goal of transforming data into actionable intelligence to support Iowa children and families.

How It Works

i2D2 Commits to priorites for the long term. We work with stakeholders to assess effectiveness and identify shortcomings in reaching Iowa's goals through a process that uses Date to inspire Dialogue that informs Decision making. 1 - Data - I2d2 integrates data already collected by agencies in a safe, secure, scientifically rigorous system designed for policy analysis. 2 - Dialogue - I2d2 integrates people as stakeholder stewards of data to gather collective insight and translate findings into actionable intelligence. 3 - Decision Making - i2d2 integrates data insights with executive leader and program manager decision-making to advance a statewide culture of evidence-based services to improve outcomes.
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