A Rigorous Past for a Robust Future

Early Childhood Iowa partners have historically invested in evidence-based programming, designing a “system of systems” capable of responding to diversifying family needs. Iowa State University partners bring to the table decades of experience building and using integrated data systems for scientific analysis to answer difficult questions.

Together, this partnership developed I2D2 with careful consideration of current realities and needs, including legislative mandates for Early Childhood Iowa to attend to priority result areas for Iowa families. We rely on shared decision-making where relevant expertise from state leadership, practitioners, and the scientific community are honored and valued in disciplined processes. Our integrated data system approach is based on decades of development and best practices from existing integrated data systems across the United States and around the world — and years of deliberation to generate an Iowa model that works for our system of systems for young children and their families.


The value and need for an integrated data system to inform executive decision-making is identified in ECI’s Strategic Plan.


ECI and ISU partners host a mini-summit of stakeholders to explore opportunities to develop an integrated data system plan. The ECI State Board appoints the Integrated Data System Taskforce to begin planning activities.


Integrated Data System Taskforce submits successful application to join the Actionable Intelligence for Social Policy training and technical assistance program that provides 18 months of support for the development of I2D2. Iowa’s application is one of only 10 sites across the country selected to join the AISP’s first funded Learning Community.


A comprehensive Memorandum of Agreement is signed, authorizing the implementation of Iowa’s integrated data system, including signatures from Iowa Departments of Management, Public Health, Education, Human Services, Human Rights, Workforce Development, and Economic Development with Iowa State University.


I2D2 infrastructure is established and three initial demonstration projects are completed to test the governance, technology, and communications solutions, as well as to inform priority areas in early childhood education and child care, home visiting supports, and families with substance use histories


Advanced technology protocols and secured funding for new projects to incorporate Head Start and EHS data into the system.


Strategic planning discussions evolved to highlight the need for more access to aggregate data for state and local decision-making. I2D2 team is working on the development of an interactive dashboard to support ECI priorities.


In response to the Child Care Taskforce Report, I2D2 partnered with ECI in addressing the child care shortage through various projects, including a comprehensive statewide workforce study and an operational data store to generate real-time data about vacancies.


I2D2 partners with state leaders in workforce initiatives including Iowa Association for the Education of Young Children, Department of Health and Human Services, and Iowa Workforce Development. These projects will provide more data for decision-makers in supporting our child care workforce and programs supporting youth and adults under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA).


Child Care Connect is released, providing for the first time ever, access to near-real time data about child care vacancies and supply and demand. Interactive data dashboards and a child care search application are released.