Early Childhood Iowa is committed to ensuring Iowa’s young children are healthy, prepared for academic success, growing in safe and supportive communities with secure families, and able to access secure and nurturing early learning environments.

ECI Vision

Every child, beginning at birth, will be healthy and successful.

I2D2 Derived From ECI Legislative Priorities

ECI identified early on that a strong, well-coordinated infrastructure — balancing public and private participation — is the foundation for systemic improvement in early care, health, and education services. Specifically, ECI legislation called attention to the importance of accountability to ensure children and families receive the services they need, when and where they need them. Such a system not only required committed stakeholders who cross system boundaries, but also that these stakeholders are equipped with comprehensive information that highlights strengths and gaps, and points to coordination opportunities. An integrated administrative data system approach was identified to meet this need.

Together with Iowa State University stakeholders, ECI has developed I2D2 to support state legislated results areas and equip our “system of systems” with a capacity for evidence-informed accountability. We rely on shared decision-making where relevant expertise from state leadership, practitioners, and the scientific community are honored and valued in disciplined processes. We deliberately ensure ECI results areas inform prioritized uses.

Data-Engaged State Departments and Agencies

ECI results areas inform the prioritization of relevant state agency and private provider data that are included in I2D2. Relevant contributors share vital data with I2D2 so we have a complete picture of Iowa’s children and family needs, and are able to respond to priorities as they arise in support of ECI’s mission. Data-engaged stakeholders play a critical role in determining how the system is used to meet state priorities.