A Formal Plan in Place

I2D2 has the people, processes, and information technology in place for consistent and proper data handling, approvals for use, and sharing findings for each integrated data system project. With a formal governance plan, we are able to decrease risk, improve security, designate accountability, and expand ethical use of data that acts first and foremost in the service of public good.

Governing Bodies

Governance Board Committees
Governing Board

The Governing Board acts as the overall leadership and authorization of the integrated data system. As such, it oversees I2D2 priorities for involvement in projects and contributes to procedure and policy decisions.

I2D2 Resource Hub

The I2D2 Resource Hub involves Iowa State University partners as implementors of approved processes and procedures, data security and integration, and facilitating ethical use of analytic findings through strategic communications and outreach efforts.

Data Stewardship Committee

The Data Stewardship Committee comprises agency stakeholders that are appointed by Directors of data-contributing agencies to provide project authorization and translation, and data use advocation between departments.

Community Advisory Groups

I2D2 commissions advisory groups to support individual projects before, during, and after their approval. These groups consist of relevant data experts, program and policy leaders, and members of the academic community with expertise in the relevant topic to provide input and feedback and support translation of findings into action.

I2D2 Project Process

Every project follows a standard set of processes from initiation of the idea through dissemination of results. To maintain state leadership of the prioritized uses of I2D2, systematic processes ensure relevant representatives from each data-contributing partner are included at all stages of the work.

  • 1. Project Proposal

    Project proposals require letters of support from at least one data-contributing agency demonstrating value and priority alignment

  • 2. Data Stewardship Committee

    The Data Stewardship Committee, with representatives from all agencies, votes on all projects to determine permissible uses and to ensure agency priorities are reflected in approved projects.

  • 3. Actionable Intelligence

    Community Advisory Groups with DSC-appointed members, including public and private stakeholders, meet with project leaders throughout projects to discuss findings, implications, and considerations to ensure data are translated into actionable intelligence.

Project Requirements

In order to be considered for a project, I2D2 requires:

Strong letter of support from at least one data-contributing agency.

Complete application with narrative explaining project purpose, intended outcomes, relation to policy priorities, datasets requested and project timeline.

Completed data security training.

Once approved, project leaders will be required to commit to the following:

Legal authorization from employer that assumes risk associated with data privacy/security standards.

Funding for I2D2 project support.

Time-limited use of datasets only to be analyzed according to approve project goals.

Routine discussions and presentations with state stakeholders assigned to the project-specific Community Advisory Group.

Written final report of all findings using I2D2 standard formats.

Pre-submission of all publications for privacy review and authorization.

Legal and Ethical Data Use

I2D2 governing bodies uphold data confidentiality while supporting its ethical use. An overarching Memorandum of Agreement guides the partnership to authorize our governance structure and data sharing among agencies. Individual data sharing agreements between agencies and ISU authorize data sharing in accord with all federal and state regulations protecting privacy and confidentiality. Our governance plan outlines policies and procedures for implementing I2D2 from project conceptualization through to translation into evidence-based decision-making.