Purpose and Function: EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP


The objective of the Governing Board is to provide overall guidance and support for the scope and focus of the integrated data system. These chief decision makers are positioned to consider and resolve internal and external policy issues that surface as I2D2 evolves, and go beyond the authority of the Data Stewardship Committee or the Integrated Data System Resource Hub. Voting members for I2D2 business include State Department Directors, or their designees, from all data-contributing departments/agencies. Ex-officio members include the ECI office administrator, Integrated Data System Resource Hub director, and ECI Board Chair. Meetings of the Governing Board currently coincide with ECI State Board meetings, where agenda and decisions for I2D2 and occur at least annually, or as needed, to provide direction and feedback on I2D2 activities.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Governing Board:

  • Champion the system within the various agencies and stakeholders, including executing strategic communication plans about I2D2 mission, vision, purpose, and ongoing projects

  • Authorize I2D2 through the establishment and renewal of the memorandum of agreement

  • Establish priority uses of I2D2

  • Recommend representatives to serve on the Data Stewardship Committee with decision-making authority to implement I2D2 and approve the use of I2D2 data for proposed projects

  • Approve the policies and procedures created by the Data Stewardship Committee for the implementation of I2D2

  • Facilitate the establishment of legal data sharing agreements and memorandum of agreement to implement I2D2