I2D2 was designed with a clear mission to advance a culture of “data use” that informs cross-system program improvement. Unfortunately, we also know that data are sometimes hard to find, and even harder to make sense of. This library includes brief informative videos that tell the story of I2D2, provide tutorials about hard-to-access data, and explain how data can be used to advance knowledge and strategic planning.

About i2d2

What exactly is I2D2? Watch the videos below for the full scope of our work.


I2D2 directors, staff, and stakeholder partners participate in conferences and workshops nationally. See the videos below for some of the presentations we have done about I2D2 and specific projects advancing Iowa priorities using integrated data


Part of I2D2’s mission is to promote a “data literate” community that includes the use of data. View these videos from our “Data Dive in Five” series that break-down hard-to-access sources into user-friendly bites