I2D2 brings together data that state agencies and programs routinely collect and
integrate to have a more complete picture of strengths and needs across Iowa’s
systems. Comprehensive analyses yield insights that are made available for Iowa
policy-makers and program directors for intelligent decision-making — that help
improve the lives of Iowans.

Supporting cycles of inquiry

State Priority
Addresses state priority issues

I2D2’s governance approach ensures that all data-driven inquiries are informing priority issues to improve system coordination and effectiveness for Iowa children and families.

Infuses stakeholder dialogue to drive analysis and decision-making

Our project cycles include decision-makers in the development of questions and interpretation of findings to facilitate the translation of data into decision-making

Protects confidential data through fewer destinations

Our data sharing processes rigorously protect private information and restrict unnecessary access by centralizing data integration to one trusted source, anonymizing files, and infusing strict role-based access protocols.

Standardizing relevant data to ensure common language

From data ingestion to dissemination, I2D2 works to generate common definitions and language about the information contained within our complicated data systems to build confidence and collective understanding.



An integrated data system is only as strong as its parts.

I2D2 is effectively and efficiently coordinating data among health, social service and education agencies to support successful Iowa outcomes. We have a plan for sustained operation and value. We have a formal and secure data storage and security platform. We are committed to providing our state leaders with ethical, accurate information and the ability to understand its possible applications. We support cycles of inquiry by our state policymakers and leadership through an integrated data system that combines data, collaboration among experts and stakeholders, and robust technology.