Purpose and Function: IMPLEMENT



The I2D2 Resource Hub will be housed at Iowa State University with the responsibility for implementing the work of the I2D2 according to the established Mission, Vision, and Principles and as directed by the Memorandum of Agreement and related policies.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Staffing the governance meetings and related activities including Governing Board, Data Stewardship Committee, and Advisory Groups

  • Executing and maintaining all legal agreements (memorandum of agreement and DSAs to establish the system, and individual DULs to authorize I2D2 projects that are approved by the DSC);

  • Screening and monitoring I2D2 projects from proposal through to dissemination;

  • Conducting data management and integration activities as approved by the Data Stewardship Committee.

  • The Resource Hub could also execute analytic projects as approved by the Data Stewarship Committee